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            Innovation With Purpose Since 1933

            HD Electric’s mission is to design and manufacture products to help our customers manage and deliver electric power in a safe and efficient manner. At the core of our success are the relationships we’ve established, the reputation we’ve earned, and our passion for innovation.

            Our products provide safe, accurate and critical information about the electric power system and its associated equipment.? All HD Electric products are designed to improve system reliability, expedite power restoration and facilitate maintenance procedures safely in the field.?

            From safety products for your line crews to products for controlling smart grid applications, HD Electric has the solution.

            Products & Services

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            Safety and Innovation Is At The Heart Of Everything We Do

            For over eighty years, HD Electric has been at the forefront of innovation within the electric utility industry. Linemen have come to trust our leading products to keep them safe on the job site. From safety products for your crews to products for controlling smart grid applications, HD Electric has the solution.?

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            V-Watch? Personal Voltage Detector Saves EMS Crew’s Lives

            Members of the Coral Gables Fire Rescue Department experienced first hand how the V-Watch Personal Voltage Detector can be trusted to alert first responders of life-threatening electric fields during an emergency.

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