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          1. LaboratoryEquipment Hero

            Laboratory Equipment

            Get industry-leading reliability, and control from your laboratory equipment with sonifiers and digital ultrasonic baths.

            Achieve More Precision and Control in Your Laboratory

            Emerson laboratory equipment delivers new levels of ease, precision and repeatability. For cleaning, sample processing and sample preparation our powerful technologies give you control for consistent and predictable results.?

            Control temperature ranges, processing duration and energy levels with digital, easy-to-use displays. Use automated features to program sessions and control temperature during processing.?

            From the laboratory to the workshop, Emerson has the right technology to meet your needs.

            How Bransonic Works

            Ultrasonic Cleaning Overview

            Ultrasonic baths generate controlled, high-magnitude pressure fluctuations in liquids that produce a consistent, processing in a short amount of time. It is used for cleaning, sample processing and sample preparation activities, such as mixing and homogenization, cell lysing, dispersion of particles and dissolving solids.?

            Rugged industrial transducers with 40kHz frequency are used for shorter, more efficient bath times. Sweep frequency eliminates standing waves that cause inconsistent results.

            Programmable Cleaning & Sleep Mode

            The Bransonic digital ultrasonic bath is fully programmable. It allows technicians to program and lock-in settings. It not only helps reduce operation errors, but it also allows for autonomous operation after programming.?

            The CPXH Series ultrasonic cleaner sleep mode powers down the unit after a cycle is complete and no keys are pressed within 15 minutes. While in sleep mode, the system continues power and activity tracking, waking if the unit is loaded or if the keypad is touched.

            Degassing & Conditioning

            Degassing is an important step to ensure gasses trapped in the cleaning solution do not interfere with the ultrasonic cavitation process.?

            Branson ultrasonic baths have an advanced digital degassing setting to go beyond basic processing. The degas time periods go up to 99 minutes with advanced wave modulation to allow for processing a wide variety of sample preparation applications.

            Laboratory Equipment Systems

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