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            Consulting Services

            From business impact to domain mastery and technical knowledge, Emerson Consulting Services have you covered.

            Thought leadership, deep experience and leading technologies

            Emerson’s consulting services help clients envision the value of innovative technologies to accelerate a sustainable competitive edge. We work with clients to perform operational analyses, quantify benefits, evaluate potential investments, develop business cases, and define project requirements to develop project budgets and execution plans. Emerson has a track record of solving high stakes problems across all automation industries including Chemical, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, and Refining.

            Consulting Project Services

            Project Strategy

            Leverage contemporary automation technologies and process change the way you manage and execute projects, reducing cost, time, complexity and risk.

            Consulting Project Certainty

            Operational Strategy

            Automation and production information can have the greatest impact on your business performance, maximizing the value created by your investments.

            Consulting Services

            The Latest

            News Release

            Emerson Opens Service Center to Support Permian Basin Oil and Gas Producers

            Center provides advanced technologies, services and workforce training to help customers achieve Top Quartile performance
            Mar 1, 2019
            read more
            News Release

            Emerson Completes Acquisition of iSolutions Inc.

            Acquisition expands Emerson’s consultancy strength and digital transformation expertise
            Dec 10, 2018
            read more
            News Release

            Emerson Helps Refiner Safely and Successfully Deliver Megaproject

            North West Redwater Partnership leverages Emerson’s capital project and automation expertise to reduce project complexity and improve engineering...
            Oct 22, 2018
            read more
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