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          1. Ovation? Designated as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology

            After a thorough application, review and testing process by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under the U.S. SAFETY Act, we’re pleased to report that the Ovation control solution has been Designated as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology.



            Providing a Single Platform for Simulation and Plant Control

            Find out how Ovation embedded simulation enhances operator performance and plant efficiencies.

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            City of Fremont Selects Emerson to Replace Existing Controls with Automation Technology Designed...

            Ovation? compact controller and SCADA technology to help city’s power and water utilities optimize efficiency, better leverage limited resources
            May 21, 2019
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            Emerson and Vayu Form Alliance to Optimize Wind Energy Farms with Machine Learning

            Integrated technology solution minimizes energy loss, maximizes clean energy output and revenue for wind farm operators
            May 8, 2019
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            News Release

            Emerson Selects Dragos to Collaborate on Cybersecurity Protection for Power and Water Industries

            Companies leverage their respective strengths to help customers more effectively detect and respond to cybersecurity threats
            Jul 29, 2019
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